Anti microbial technology made to neutralise + protect

Silver & Bamboo® clean + protected products

Powered by Silver & Bamboo ® a safe, sustainable and cost effective anti microbial to neutralise and protect.  With our patented technology, we provide permanent and significant protection from the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Quickly and effectively kills harmful viruses and bacteria with 99.9% efficacy.

Proven safety and sustainability which can be used on various substrates to include, paper, textiles and plastics. 

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How we can help you

"What if we could guarantee your toys, books & puzzles would remain clean and protected for their lifetime?"

"What if we could prevent the spread of bacteria and germs in your household?"

"What if we could keep your clothes fresh and protected?"

"What if we could guarantee, even after being in your child's mouth, everything remains clean forever?"

We have the answer at Silver & Bamboo®. Our patented technology is rigorously tested and clinically proven. Keeps you 99.9% protected. Our anti microbial technology on the products will last the lifetime of the product, guaranteed!

Safe and non toxic for all the family. We have the solution to a safer environment.

Powered by Silver & Bamboo®

What some of our customers think

What a very sweet book collection with a very important current story...thank you!


I love this! Children definitely need to know the importance of washing our hands with the pandemic especially!


It's about time a company made books and childrens products that are safe from germs for young children!

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Our Story

How it all started- 2020


Summer 2021

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Talk to us about collaborations to make your products clean + protected forever. Our technology has no limits. Let your imagination run free and get in touch for more information.