Anti microbial technology made to neutralise + protect


If I wash the teddy, will the anti-bacterial wash away?
    No, that is the benefit of our technology. It will stay on the product for the lifetime of the product. This is the same for the Snuggle Buddy and all the textiles in our range.


    Is it safe if my child puts the product in their mouth?

      Yes, it is very safe. It is non toxic and doesn't leach. This means that none of the anti-bacterial will come off the product, both you and your child are safe and germ free.


      How are the books anti-bacterial?

      The anti-bacterial is put into the books when they are printed. Our special patented anti-bacterial doesn't leach, therefore staying on the book even when it is wet, it remains on the book. Keeping you and your child safe.


      Is there any limitation to the use of your patented anti-bacterial?

      No, our anti-bacterial can be used on any surface, print or textiles. 


      Our patented n9 Silver Technology is rigorously tested and clinically proven to keep you 99.9% protected.